The development in technology gives a surplus in our standard living implementing the best and easiest way to choose varieties on our needs. As we know the game is also one of the best ways to spend our time in accordance with our practical life. There are lots of game especially for android-based platform available for free. Not only a freeware game like Game Killer Apk Full Version but you can also seek for a premium game for your android device.

These android games come with varieties of features and make us edict in a gameplay. But sometimes the features are a lock when trying to access to a new level. This lock features always need to unlock to play further. The features that are lock seem irritated but until and unless we paid for these features they will not be unlocked. So, therefore, to unlock the features there is a way where we can easily unlock them. The given below will tell you how to unlock premium features of the game.


As we know there are different ways where you can unlock a premium features of a game on your android device. But it depends on your android game that you are trying to unlock.

Paid Games:

When you are playing games that are pre-installed on your android device at the time of purchasing they come with a trial version games. The games that you play has many levels to unlock and play.

  1. To go to next level that is being locked there will be a button to click where it is written as UNLOCK or PAY.
  2. After clicking the button the game will redirect to a web page of the game that you are playing.
  3. At the homepage of the game there, you will be a button written as PAY THE GAME or BUY THE GAME to access full features of it.
  4. After pushing the button it will go to another page where you can pay your game using your Bank account by entering the details of your account.
  5. Now, after buying you will receive the keyhole to access the full features of the game you are playing.

Here is another way to hack a game that is a lock without paying or buying them by using hacking apps.

  1. Instead of buying or paying you can use hack tools like lucky patcher no root apps to unlock the premium features of games.
  2. To use this app you first need to root your android device.
  3. After rooting your device installed any hacking apps.
  4. Now, using this app you can easily unlock the premium game feature. As hacking games help you to increase coins, points and many others needed for unlocking the lock features of the game.


Well, these are the best way to unlock the premium features of the game. So, therefore, you can try it out if your premium game features are a lock. Thus, if you have any problem while following these steps, please do leave a comment in the below comment box.