IT Consulting and Your Company

Every day, your organization is using Technology to communicate, innovate, motivate and train its employees. Each of those employees either cost the company money or earn money for the firm. If they cost money, the last thing you want is to have them unable to do their job because their computer systems are down. If they earn money, the worst that can happen is they can’t generate work or process sales because their communications are disabled.

Efficiency is not just a model of doing things right, it also encompasses the ability to do them. If you can’t get work done at all, efficiency is at a dead standstill. We make it our goal to keep your organization running smoothly without interruption in order to allow your employees to do what they were hired to do – without excuses!

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It seems that every business that sells a product or service leverages an IT infrastructure. Installing and maintaining such an infrastructure requires professionals who are technically proficient in IT design, installation and maintenance works. There are two types of IT consulting services. The first type of consultancy involves advising businesses that want to install IT infrastructure. Another type of IT consultancy relates to providing ready to use IT solutions and services directly to the company. It involves implementing and administering services related to computers, networking and software solutions.

It is quite obvious that every person cannot have all types of skills and knowledge. There are many business owners who have good understanding of the industry in which they work. They know how to develop their business, but do not have any knowledge regarding how to install and manage the IT infrastructure. It is here that the services offered by an information technology consultancy firm come to the rescue. Such a company can correctly advise the type of hardware and software that should be purchased and the types of IT professionals who should be hired by the company. Consultants can also help establish long-term IT management goals. These services can be obtained by a new business or an existing business.

There are other types of IT consulting firms that have required number of qualified, trained and experienced IT professionals. The advantage of hiring such a service is that a business does not have to keep expensive IT infrastructure and employees. Keeping employees who are needed only occasionally is not the best way to use the available resources. It especially holds true for small businesses that cannot maintain expensive IT infrastructures and employees. The IT consultancy firm provides only the required services and only when these services are needed. This results in savings of money because there is no need to employ IT professionals or install IT infrastructure. Many businesses are situated in an area where qualified IT professionals cannot be found. They can easily get the required IT consultancy and overcome this problem.

IT consulting is usually required by small and medium size businesses. These businesses find it more economical and effective to outsource their IT service requirements to an outside company that specializes in this field. Usually this type of consultancy can be hired on hourly, monthly, or job based basis. In the first one, the payment is made based on the hours of work put in by the consultants. The monthly job requires paying the consultants a pre-defined fixed monthly remuneration. In the job-based system, the consultants are paid when the specified job is completed. IT experts are also hired to train employees of the company. The IT consulting firm is hired regularly to upgrade the IT hardware present in the company, or to enhance the hardware or software skills of existing employees. With the help of such consultancy services, a company can save lots of time, money and effort. This type of consultancy is most suitable for companies that are not in the IT field.

With the help of IT consulting services, companies can increase value of their services. Most products and service industries are very competitive and it is important for companies to use all types of products and services that help increase productivity. Customers and clients prefer dealing with companies that handle their orders and complaints as fast as possible. This goal can be achieved easily with the help of properly functioning IT infrastructure. There are times when simple technical problems cause closure of main services. This can lead to increased downtime when employees remain idle, works are halted, and customers are forced to choose services of other companies.

These problems can be avoided clearly with the help of an IT consulting firm. Such a firm employs professionals from different IT fields. So whether a company wants to hire IT professionals permanently or temporarily, the IT consultancy company can provide the right solutions. IT consultants can be called in to resolve issues related to computer hardware and networking. They properly analyze the network and make the IT infrastructure functional once again. Many consultancy firms can handle certain tasks from remote locations. This eliminates the need to call the consultants all the time. IT consultants also offer yearly contracts. Under such a service, the IT consultant gives guarantee of solving problems that arise within that period of time. This is a good way to ensure that everything in the business runs smoothly and no client faces any problem.

Web Consulting

Website Design & Development
Whether your project is a new website or a redesign, we assess your business goals to design an effective solution. We will assess industry trends and competition. Our strategy is focused on aligning your expertise to the needs of your customer or site visitor.

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  • Website design & development
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Website Localization
Do you need to offer your Web site in several languages? We have worked on many multilingual sites and understand the contextual and technical challenges of presenting information to different audiences. Language makes up only a small percentage of an effective multilingual site. We apply best practices to give you a culturally customized website that will maximize the reach to your various audiences.

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  • Translation services

Online Marketing
Your Web site is up, but how do you get people to your site? We’ll help you create a marketing plan that may include: launching and maintaining a newsletter, implementing effective keywords and descriptions in the metatags, researching affiliate groups and natural cross-linking opportunities, running paid keyword campaigns, and integrations social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, social bookmarks, blogs, etc.).

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Editorial Services
With many years of corporate and public relations experience behind us, we not only consider the programming aspect of creating and maintaining Web sites, but we also take great care in understanding the editorial and publicity needs of your Web site presence. Not sure on how to structure the content for your Web site? We can help you create a copy flow and draft the copy. If we are maintaining your site once it’s launched, we keep on top of the content on your site, and provide updates on a timely basis.

  • Content consultation and development
  • Information architecture

Business Blog Consulting
Nowadays having a business blog is a necessary component in your marketing mix. It can help increase your exposure and reach out to your visitors more effectively while improving your search engine rankings. We will integrate your blog on your website for the best results and provide you with tips, guidelines and resources on effective blogging.

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