Computer & Laptop Repair in Chicago IL

These days, computers are integral to our accelerated lifestyles. They are essential to running a business, doing research, contact and connecting to other people socially, and to relax. We watch movies, play games, write papers, send email. The daily uses of a computer are endless.

Now imagine how inconvenient things become when your computer needs to be repaired. It’s a wrench in the works. The entire operation grinds to a halt. It’s frustrating, nightmarish, even.

First, one must recognize that, like a car, a computer is comprised of many intricate pieces which work together in unison. The first step to computer repair is identifying and diagnosing the problem. If you have found that your PC has failed to boot, begun freezing, crashes often, has begun to overheat with increasing frequency, or any of the multitude of hardware issues with a computer improperly operating, you should contact Tech Shield Computer  Store immediately.

Our specialists have an insurmountable pool of knowledge in computer repair. With our A+ CompTIA certification, We will gladly address and take the necessary steps needed to resolve any hardware problems that have arisen. We will gladly replace a motherboard, fried video card, replace or upgrade RAM, or repair a failed hard drive, no problem. The list of hardware issues goes on and on, but no task is beyond our skill.

Onsite Service

At Tech Shield , we fully recognize the fact that convenience is king, which is why we offer onsite service calls for computer repair. Our technicians are readily available and will be on any site within 24 hours. We are happy to provide service to the greater Chicago Land area. Let us come you! For more information regarding our service areas, contact us.

Apple Repair

PCs not your preference? Not a problem! Tech Shield Chicago Apple Repair Department  is also well-versed in addressing and resolving issues with Apple products as well. We will gladly take a look at your Macbook, iPod, or any other Apple device. For more information, please visit our Apple Repair page.

We are located 3510 North Broadway Chicago IL. 60657

  • Our computer repairs are both thorough and affordable.

    Each repair includes:

    • A full diagnostic scan
    • Virus scan / Spyware scan
    • Part installation
    • Wipe down of unit and screen
  • Our Service Center here to help.

    • Service for all computer brands
    • OEM and A+ certified technicians
    • Most parts in stock
    • Fast, economical repairs
    • Helpful, friendly technicians
    • No appointment needed
    • Walk-ins welcome
  • We can repair all respected brands and model systems .

    • Acer
    • ASUS
    • Apple
    • Compaq
    • Dell
    • eMachines
    • Fujitsu
    • Gateway
    • Lenovo
    • Sony
    • Toshiba