No Appointment Necessary & Little to No Waiting

At Tech Shield Computer Repair, customers never need an appointment or a ticket.No matter how old or new, or what type of Mac Computer  it is, we guarantee that our Mac- Apple Computer Repair Tech Shield  will fix your Mac faster and cheaper than the Apple Store. 

If your Mac has a problem and it’s out of warranty, no problem. Our Apple Certified Technicians will diagnose your problem and get it fixed quickly and affordably using genuine Apple parts.


Has your Mac been a little sluggish lately? Our memory and storage upgrades have been helping our customers get more out of their Macs since 2007.


Have an old or non-working Mac or iDevice? Tech Shield can help you recycle it properly. Feel free to drop off these items during business hours.

Memory Upgrades (RAM)

Beach ballin’? RAM helps reduce the spinning beach ball. If you’ve upgraded your operating system and applications since you bought your computer, you may need more RAM. We’ll help you figure out how much RAM is right for your Mac and perform the upgrade while you wait.

Storage Upgrades (Hard Drive)

Have you run out of storage space? You need a hard disk upgrade. We have a variety of options including conventional platter drives, modern solid-state drives and hybrid drives. We’ll discuss your needs and find the right solution for you.

Common MacBook Pro issues we fix:

Fix MacBook Pro startup - spinning wheel - freezing - hanging - mbp nyc repairFix start-up / freezing


NYC MacBook Pro no power

No power fix


NYC MacBook Pro screen repair

 Screen replacement


MacBook Pro water spill - nyc mac repair

 Spill damage repair


NYC MacBook Pro hard drive replacement - upgrade - repair - recovery

 Hard drive replacement / upgrade / clone


NYC MacBook Pro RAM upgrade

RAM / memory upgrade


MacBook Pro DVD Drive replacement NYC

DVD drive replacement


NYC MacBook Pro password

Password reset


MacBook Pro keyboard replacement NYC

 Keyboard replacement


Replace touchpad - trackpad macbook pro nyc

Touchpad / trackpad replacement


NYC MacBook Pro Bottom / Top Case replacement

Top / Bottom case replacement


NYC MacBook Pro hinge replacement / repair

Hinge replacement


MacBook Pro battery replacement NYC

Battery replacement


MacBook Pro power adapter / charger replacement NYC

Power adapter replacement


NYC MacBook Pro DC-in board / magsafe replacementJack / DC-In board replacement


MacBook Pro logic board replacement / repair NYCLogic board replacement


 Install Parallels / BootCamp / VMWare on Mac - NYC macbook pro service

Install Windows on Mac

Remove macbook pro virus nycWindows / Mac virus removal


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