Tech Shield  Laptop Repair : Toshiba, IBM / Lenovo, Sony, HP, Compaq, Dell,Acer,Asus and many more…

Hard drive crashes, broken LCD screens, water spilled keyboards, network failures, virus attacks – such things do often happen Tech Shield  Laptop Repai in the course of day to day life. But that’s not the end of everything. With Tech Shield r-Land to take care of you, your Laptop troubles are of little import.

At Tech Shield , our experienced laptop technicians perform prompt service on all makes and models of laptop & notebook computers. Our qualified technical staff diagnoses challenging problems for brands like Toshiba, IBM / Lenovo, Sony, HP, Compaq, Dell and many others.

As part of our flexible laptop repair service we offer both on-site and off-site laptop repair. Based on a call or email request, our technicians will come up to your place immediately to attend to your complaint and effect a speedy laptop repair.

At Tech Shield , we take pride in our professional manner and our ability to provide an accurate and economical diagnosis. We quote before we repair and communicate with you during the entire repair process. Our standard service turnaround is faster than most of our competitors and our same day service may have you up and running in hours, not days.

Our diagnosis is always FREE !! . No payment is required at the time you bring your laptop in for the diagnosis.

Common Laptop Repairs

Laptop Motherboard Repair

At Tech Shield  our technicians can repair any Laptop Mother Board.

LCD Screen Repair / Replacement

It is the most common problem faced by the Laptop owners now a day. So to overcome this problem our technicians are the best choice for your Laptop’s LCD Screen Repair / Replacement.

Laptop DC Power Jack Repair

We have the best Laptop DC Power Jack Repair facility.

Laptop Keyboard Repair

Your one Stop Solution for Laptop Keyboard Repair.

Other Laptop Problems that Tech Shield can solve them for you:

  • Laptop won’t turn on, no power at all.
  • Laptop turns on fine, but shuts down randomly.
  • Power supply blinks, shorts when power is plugged in.
  • Forgot BIOS password.
  • Broken USB, PS2, Audio, Video Connector.
  • Laptop turns on, but screen is dimm, can barely see the picture.
  • Cracked screens.
  • Cracked cases.
  • Loose or broken hinges.
  • Touch pad/ pointer wont work.
  • Bad Bios/Battery; you have to set the date and time all the time.
  • Hard drive or CD/DVD Rom failure and upgrades.
  • Not enough memory.
  • And many other problems.
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