Tech Shield Cloud Consulting – We Help Put it Together

Cloud Adoption Assessment

Our cloud consultants roll up their sleeves to determine your pros and cons for adopting a Cloud platform. Additionally, we will explore hybrid cloud adoption strategies, and phased deployments.  We specialize in porting existing systems to the Cloud.  We will analyze your existing infrastructure and software and report exactly which systems are best suited for the Cloud.  We also provide detailed reporting on cost savings that can be made across your company by implementing a Cloud strategy model.

Our cloud assessment is based on the current challenges with your IT infrastructure and operations. Our consultants work closely with your organization to determine which applications will give your the most value by moving them to the Cloud. Also, we assess the challenges and risks in adopting the Cloud platform.


Cloud Adoption IT Strategy and Change

Cloud Computing is a shift in the way services and infrastructure are utilized. Adopting a Cloud provider will require a change in:


  • Development
  • Configuration and environment
  • Operations oversight and monitoring
  • Provisioning and metering
  • Data auditing

Pilot Application Migration to the Cloud

You might want to undertake a pilot exercise with a handful of applications to uncover risks and process changes, and also help justify the business case for migration to the Cloud.  It’s beneficial to perform the first migration properly and therefore form a baseline process to evolve before further application migrations to the Cloud.  We provide experienced cloud consulting services to plan, oversee, and implement your pilot or phased migration. The purpose of any pilot is to ensure a seamless shift of your operations to cloud services and also provide knowledge transfer and learning back to your organization.


Developing a Private Cloud

Organizations are not only looking at adopting the Public Cloud but are also working towards building a Private Cloud in a situation where data security and audit challenges do not allow applications to run on a Public Cloud.  The primary factors behind developing a Private Cloud are having entirely separate applications and infrastructure, regulatory compliance (e.g. HIPAA), and consolidating and improving server resource utilizations.  We have the deep expertise to fully assess your current investment in Datacenter and Virtualization technology to identify the gaps and set the road map for a Private Cloud. Our focus will be on defining the maturity and gaps in:

  • Virtualization – infrastructure, storage, application and information
  • Workload distribution
  • Management and monitoring of virtual infrastructure
  • Infrastructure scalability