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 When you Relay your Cell Phone Repair to Tech Shield you can expect:

  • A live person will be on the phone to answer your questions.
  • We stock most replacement parts in-house.
  • Our cell phone repair service prices are the same or lower as competitors’ prices.
  • Tech Shield Uses OEM Orginal Parts
  • We provide a unique Repair Order number for every cell phone repair, allowing you to call and check on the status of your phone at any time.

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Tech Shield’s Skilled Technicians provide the following Cell Phone Repair Services:

  • Repair of LCD/display problems, such as cracked or malfunctioning screens.
  • Repair of physical cell phone damage, including problems with sound, charging, and keypads.
  • Repair of cosmetic cell phone damage.
  • Data transfer and recovery if you are switching to a new cell phone, or just need to back up your cell phone data.

Brands We Repair

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