GoDaddy: Service Outage Was Our Fault, Not Hacking

By Devlin Barrett

Monday’s meltdown of websites hosted by was due not to Anonymous-linked hackers but to failures of the company’s own systems, the company said Tuesday.

A statement posted online by interim CEO Scott Wagner, said the service outage “was not caused by external influences. It was not a ‘hack’ and it was not a denial of service attack (DDoS).”

Instead, the service outage was caused by a “series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables,” Mr. Wagner’s statement said.

The company said it has fixed the problem and implemented measures to prevent it from happening again.

Shortly after Monday’s outage, someone on Twitter claimed to have hacked the GoDaddy system as part of Anonymous. A Twitter feed closely affiliated with the hacker collective dismissed the claim, but said the informal network of hackers and sympathizers cannot prevent individuals from acting in their name.

Anonymous has targeted GoDaddy in the past for its support of the Stop Online Piracy Act, legislation in Congress that was opposed by many civil liberties activists who said it would encroach on Internet freedoms.

Anonymous’ credibility has been questioned recently, particularly after claims its followers had stolen millions of IDs of Apple devices from the laptop of an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI denied that, and a Florida-based publishing company said Monday the data Anonymous had taken actually came from it.