Aptoide will be releasing a fresh model for set-top boxes at the Mobile World Congress (MWC2015), in Barcelona, on March the 2nd, rendering it easier for people to have their favorite applications on Television. Perhaps you have felt such as the software shops are difficult to handle in your set top box or Television? That’s because they weren’t designed to be handled with a remote. Aptoide for set top boxes is.

How to Download and use Aptoide on your TV

With Aptoide for set-top boxes, you’ll have the ability to download, manage and update all of your favorite programs, designed for Television

Set top box suppliers can now provide an exclusive knowledge, making consumers have the best programs for the device they built. Aptoide for set-top boxes now offers producers the possibility to boost their user’s program using their colors and logo. Businesses that develop this sort of products is now able to control the retailer from their back office, creating their own groups and customizing editor’s selections and featured applications. They will even be able to record statistics, downloads, and income.

Aptoide will be the largest independent Android App Store environment, plus it just got bigger. As much as the size of your TV.

Features of Aptoide | Download Aptoide:

  • you will not have to spend even a single penny for downloading and all the apps and games can be attained completely free of cost if you download Aptoide. Check Out Latest Apks
  • You can use this app for both tabs as well as smartphones
  • This is an ideal app for the people who are unable to get an access to Google play store.

Aptoide over Playstore

Many times it happens that after rooting the devices, you may not be able to access the Google play store and can’t install any application. This is a typical issue with the Android that can be solved on Download Aptoide. Any reboot or a software update might not let you access the play store. However, with Aptoide app, your problem can be solved.

There are also options to make the internal apps private within Aptoide. For the people who are using this store, they can form a consolidated account where they can handle the entire applications download by the employees through Aptoide apk.