Tech Shield Chicago Full-Service Mac Book Upgrade and Laptop Repair! Specializing in Mac Book Retina Screen Repair, Mac Book Uni body Service, and most other Apple Laptop Screens and Services.

There’s no better solution for your Mac Book Retina Screen Repair or Mac Book Upgrade – Tech Shield Chicago Computer Repair offers FREE DIAGNOSIS of your system with no obligation for repair.

Mac Screen Repair Services

Here at Tech Shield Chicago Apple Screen Repair, we know how important it is to get your cracked or broken Mac screen replaced. Working on your computer with only a small section of the screen visible keeps you from being productive, but with the high price of screen repair through the Apple stores, it can seem like your only option. We provide an alternative to Apple’s expensive screen repair services by offering quality Mac screen repair at an affordable price.

Original White MacBook A1181>MacBook Screen Repair

If your Mac Book has a broken screen, we can repair it! We offer repairs for Mac Book’s with broken glass, broken LCD’s, broken lids, broken hinges, and more. If your Mac Book has screen issues, we can fix it.


MacBook Pro Screen RepairMacBook Pro  LED & Retina Display Screen Repair

Apple’s Mac Book Pro series has had many model changes over the years. We repair them all! From the original “split-bottom” series to the newest Retina screen models, if you have a broken screen, we can fix it.



brokenmacMacBook Air Screen Repair

We can repair all models of the Mac Book Air. The newer models of the Mac Book Air (2010 and newer), require a very intense repair process to fix the LCD. We are one of the few shops that offer the repair with a 24 hour turnaround. We are Mac Book Air screen repair experts! Whether you have a 13 inch or 11 inch Mac Book Air, we can fix it.