chicago-apple-mac-liquid-damage-repair Cleaning Experts

If there is liquid or corrosion present in your computer, we complete a cleaning fee before continuing with our free diagnosis. Our $75 cleaning fee covers the initial cleaning of the logic board and the computer’s internal electronic components. The cleaning process will be complete within 24 to 48  hours and we will then let you know what options you have for repair.

Experienced Techs

Our Technicians have a a lot of experience dealing with liquid damage diagnosis and repair. We have seen everything from water to wine spilled on laptops and have repaired hundreds of computers with liquid damage in the last year alone.

Our cleaning process helps guard against future corrosion allowing us to cover all  liquid damage repairs under our 30 day warranty!

Starting The Process

Starting the process is easy! Just come by anytime during our business hours and we will get started on our free 24 to 48 hour diagnosis. If we see liquid or corrosion on the board or electrical components inside the computer, If there is no further damage we will ask your approval to perform our $75 cleaning service. Once the cleaning service is complete,If we find any problem we will continue diagnosing the computer.
If you are outside of Chicago and need to mail your computer in to us, just visit our mail-in page.

  •  Frequent Liquid Damage Repairsacs_apple_macbook_pro_water_damage_video_connector-repair-chicago-apple-liquid-damage-repair
    • Keyboard
    • Logic board
    • Display Connector
    • Spontaneous shutdown
    • Battery doesn’t charge
    • No Backlight