Fast & Easy Service

Tech Shield Chicago makes it fast and easy to replace your Mac’s failing hard drive or upgrade to a larger hard drive.

Data Ready

All prices include the transfer of your current Mac data to the new hard drive. If your current hard drive is not working properly and the data cannot be transferred, Tech Shield Chicago Mac Repair will install a base OS on the new hard drive. Data Recovery is also available. Your current drive is always returned to you.

Common Symptoms

Flashing “?” Clicking noises. Slow access. These can all be signs of a failing hard drive. If you suspect your drive may be failing, try to back up important files ASAP.

Store More

Upgrade your Mac’s storage with hard drives up to 1TB. drives transfer data faster and will increase overall machine speed with little impact on battery life.

Quality Drives / Awesome Warranty

Tech Shield Chicago Apple – Mac RepairĀ  installs only the highest quality brand new hard drives. All hard drives come with 2 to 5 year warranties.


SATA and PATA refer to the technology used to connect hard drives to the computer. SATA and PATA connections are physically different so the drives are not interchangeable. SATA drives are found in the MacBook line, while PATA drives are found in PowerBooks, Apple TVs and iBooks.